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Still Performing Miracles, God is the Same Now and Forever

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Witnessing the miraculous works of God is one of the things that reassure me that he is the same deliverer, healer, and redeemer I read about in the Bible. I often use the Holy Bible App's plans to help give me a focus for my quiet times, and over the past few days, I've been studying the topic of miracles. Every day, I wake up I am experiencing God's majesty and the mystery that makes so much of what I see a miracle. God's miracles are seen in nature, studied through science, and explored as our planet continues to give life.

As I was praying on the way to work one morning, I realized that I've always been in need of a miracle in every season of my life. God has allowed me to encounter many obstacles where I've felt like it would take a miracle for me to get through the challenge I was facing. I feel like I need a miracle when I've exhausted all my options, tried every idea, I'm running out of time, low on energy, and the only way for provision is for God's supernatural divine power to come through. It is during these desperate times that I share with God how I've run out of resources. In order to draw me closer to him, my heavenly Father puts me in situations where my resources are just not sufficient. A lot of times this is when intense fear for the future begins to set in, but I can look back on the past and remember when God came through because God's resources are not limited to what I have available, or what others have at their disposal. God's resources reach far beyond my imagination. When I am in desperate need of provision, there are no limitations to God's resources. I may feel like I need a certain amount of finances, connections, education, or experience, to gain success, have a particular position, or gain access to a specific platform, but God has shown me and I look forward to how he will continue to show me that he still works in mysterious ways to bless my prayers. Some of my favorite old testament miracles are Abraham and Sarah conceiving as a very elderly married couple, God parting the Red Sea for the Israelites, David's triumph over Goliath, and Elisha bringing the Shunammite woman's son back to life. God's miracles continued to manifest throughout the new testament with Jesus allowing Peter to catch fish after a night of fishing with no success, Jesus healing the bleeding women, and Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross so that the whole world would gain freedom through salvation. Each season presents new challenges. Sometimes we will navigate a challenge with our health that we've never encountered or a new phase in marriage or with children that causes us to cry out to God like never before. Some of the desires we want to achieve in our careers will also cause us to depend on God in a deeper way. Throughout life, we often enter seasons that show us our efforts are not enough to get us what we need. During these seasons, our only choice is to rely on God's never failing, underserved favor which is used to humble us and allow us to experience another aspect of God's love. It’s painful when God does not come through with the miracles I feel desperate to receive. I can start doubting that God is just as powerful now as when Jesus walked the Earth and before his birth. The truth that I must remind myself is in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. So, God’s powerfulness isn’t contingent on him performing miracles the way I would like to see them happen in my life. God is just as powerful as he’s always been and will be regardless of whether or not the outcome of my earnest prayer results in God blessing me with the miracles I desire to see performed in my life. As mentioned in Malachi 3:6 and James 1:17, God does not change! Studying about how God still desires to work miraculously in our lives has shown me that God wants all the glory and credit for how our prayers have been answered. Miracles are one of God's ways of showing us that he is real. God looks forward to opportunities to intervene, do the unexplainable in our lives, and pull things together in a way that just doesn't make sense but is a total blessing. When I experience miracles, I can only attribute them to God’s grace and favor and him just wanting to bless me with a gift, a kiss from heaven.

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