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My mission is to expand and provoke my audience’s perspective on the ideas that formulate their various belief systems. Drawing inspiration from the pervasive concepts which have heavily influenced society has greatly informed the trajectory of my work.  I aim for the themes in my work to have a ripple effect triggering communities in ways that are both direct and subconscious. 


Over the years, I’ve felt an increasing pull toward allowing how my spirituality has shaped my vantage point to be woven throughout my work.  When creating my own or being in the work of another artist, I’m taken on a new spiritual journey that informs how I approach art both in the present and future. 


Exploring the concepts and changes prevalent throughout society has deepened my passion for the way I utilize research to enhance my performances allowing audiences to delve into and consider facets of a worldview that challenge their personal ideals. The kind of diversity embodied throughout my art invites audiences to look introspectively at the ideas I am presenting from a fresh lens.  I strive for my choreography and dancing to enable audiences to see themselves in the work while also cultivating an atmosphere that frees them to reimagine.   

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